Standard Chartered Pirvate Bank Red Packet 渣打私人銀行利是封 Standard Chartered Pirvate Bank Red Packet 渣打私人銀行利是封 Paper Art

Standard Chartered Private Bank

Grand PaperArt Red Envelope with Luxury Crystal Pouch

The subtle, stencilled design of Standard Chartered Private Bank Red Envelope creates an stunning, elgant and multi-layered look which give a new definition of lai see packet. It is to be highlighted that the red envelope is keeped in a luxury pouch which created with high quality crystal and velvet.

Paper Artist Name Joe Wong
Paper Artist Joe Wong

Joe Wong is good at using art and culture as the core concept, combining the essence of modern design aesthetics to create innovative and unique designs.

Since 2011, Joe Wong has been using paper art as a medium of creation. From art to commercial design, he constantly thinks out of the box and make new attempts in the field of creation. In 2017, he was invited by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council to create a large-scale paper art for IDT Expo, which was also collected by the US private collector. In 2018, he became one of the four Chinese artists invited to the LUCCA BIENNALE – Paper, Art, Design in Italy. Joe Wong's modern paper art exhibition held at the Mission Hills Centreville in Shenzhen in 2016, with the theme of paper art light and shadow interaction, has also received overwhelming response.

American Express Centurion Lantern Gift

American Express Centurion

Mid Autumn Festival Lantern Gift Set

For the ones who search through an ocean of business gifts and premiums seen a thousand times, we provides the solution. In an era where technology is ubiquitous, the tailor-made paper art is a combination of the precious materials with the finest craftsmanship highlighting your genuine regards yet outstanding respect to your partners. The American Express Centurion Lantern ift set is one of the good example for the corporate gifts solution for VIP

K11 X Yung Kee Restaurant Mooncake Gift

K11 x Yung Kee Restanurant

Mid Autumn Festival Grand Gift Box

The 75 years old Yung Kee Restaurant and the 10th anniversary of the modern art brand K11 first cross border cooperation. They expect an unique piece to commemorate their first crossover.Paper artist Joe Wong is specially invited to create works of art with the theme of Mid-Autumn Festival. Traditional and modern elemnts are combined with the Eastern and Western features with the title of Mid-Autumn Moonlight.

K11 X Yung Kee Restaurant Mooncake Gift

Vacheron Constantin

Art Cube

This is a Presentable Art. The impact of contemporary vision and traditional culture. Paper artist Joe Wong transforms the Vacheron Constantin's value into a sophisticated paper art piece. With the unique combination of paper art, and gorgeous lighting effect, creates a romantic atmoshpere

Grand Paper Art Photo Frame

Grand Paper Art Photo Frame

Memorable Story

The Grand Paper Art Photo frame is the best solution if you are looking for a high-end, presentable, elegant and very unique gift for your partners. We will transform your idea into a sophisticated paper art presented in a Grand Frame made of the finest materials which guarantees high durability.

Sulwhasso POP Up Card


Grand POP UP VIP Card

South Korea high-end cosmetics brand Sulwhasoo is expected to bring unique and deep brand value birthday surprises to her VIP customers. Paper Artist Joe Wong created high end products with brand characteristics and traditional Korean cultural characteristics.

Exquisite Paper Art

Exquisite paper art POSTalk

It is the unique combination of traditional paper crafting and advanced engraving technique. The outcome of that is an extremely fine and exquisite paper art. Tailor made paper art with a corporate logo transforms a carefully chosen gift into a precious and unforgettable symbol of a valued relationship. It is a new definition of paper art.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility POSTalk Caring Company

Signature Gifts are customer-oriented with an emphasis on authentically “Made In Hong Kong”. It is to be highlighted that our manufacturing is done by Local Sheltered Workshop where our fellow citizens with disabilities are instructed and trained on product packaging; basic equipment operation and quality control.

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